What is the Fountain of Youth?

The proverbial Fountain of Youth was first sought in the early 1500’s by Juan Ponce De Leon who had heard that whoever drank the magical waters of this fountain would forever keep their youth.  Having failed to find it, he made another attempt with a second expedition.  After landing on the Florida coast, he and his men were attacked by natives while they were building houses for a proposed settlement. Although Ponce escaped with his life, he later died from his wounds after landing in Cuba, having never found the elusive Fountain of Youth.
While the Fountain of Youth that Ponce had sought was likely a myth, he was unwittingly much closer to a real “fountain of youth” than he ever realized since it was all in his head — literally!  Now today we know that good health, high energy, strength, endurance, uplifting moods, reproduction and sex drive, blood pressure, metabolism, hair, and even beauty — all the attributes of youth — are controlled by the pea-sized “master gland” located in the brain called the Pituitary Gland.
Basic Functions of the Pituitary Gland
One of the many hormones that this Pituitary Gland produces is a natural protein-based hormone known as a growth hormone or abbreviated as HGH.  HGH is produced primarily during the sleeping hours and reaches its highest levels in the first 20 years of the life cycle before it begins to diminish, and it affects nearly every cell in the body in order to achieve normal functionality.  However, as can seen in the picture, other hormones produced by the Pituitary Gland also contribute greatly to the production of smooth soft skin and a healthy heart, liver, lungs, and kidneys.  The immune system is directly under the control of the Pituitary Gland which prevents heart attacks, strokes, and causes miraculous healing of ulcerated wounds, burns, and even cancers.  A healthy Pituitary Gland maintains a healthy immune system.